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Planneriffically Obsessed!

June 25, 2014

domino-patent (1)

Well, it’s true… I’ve jumped on the filofax bandwagon. I ordered my first “big girl” planner on June 9th – a Hot Pink Filofax Domino Patent in Pocket size. I’m in love. I decided I should blog about it, so here I am, and here she is!  Isn’t she a beauty? I’m trying to decide on a name for her. Any ideas? I’m thinking Daphne, but I’ve already got a camera with that name. Am I crazy?!

As you can see, my sections are Monthly, Weekly, Penpals, Blog, Self Care, and Finances. Since this is a pocket planner I am only going to use it for quick notes which I’ll then transfer to my larger planner. That’s right. I’ll have more than one planner! I ordered two others! I’m addicted. Before I get into those, I’ll share more about my first one! I ordered Inserts from Piaric which are shown below! Aren’t they lovely? The ones I ordered are the “M2P #1“,  “W2P #1“, and “To Do” lists! M2P means Month on two pages, and W2P means Week on two pages, by the way! You can order from Piaric via her fabulous facebook page! I’d highly recommend them!

PicMonkey Collage
And below are the two planners that I’ve ordered; A Cover Story Flamingo and a Kate Spade (if anyone knows the name of this one please let me know?) I’m already in love with them, and they haven’t even arrived. They’re both personal size, which is one size bigger than pocket. Gorgeous, eh?! I’m SO excited to receive them, so check back in two weeks time, and I’ll probably be doing reviews of them both! Which one is your fave? Let me know in the comments! ;)




Dreaming of Roadtrippin’

March 27, 2013

If I could go anywhere right now it would either be; Australia, Denmark, Spain, Greece, Italy, the UK, or P.E.I! I’m hoping to cross one of the six off my list this year. If I traveled to NYC twice last year then I can most definitely travel to at least one of my dream places. I’m going to make it happen. I have a couple penpals living in each country so it’d be amazing to be able to meet them, and see the person behind the letters. I’ll be starting to save up at the beginning of April – here’s hoping I’ll be leaving on a jet plane sometime in the late summer, early fall? (or earlier!) I also want to go backpacking, but that’s another post! Where would you like to travel to this year – what’s on your travel list?

PicMonkey Collage

Until then I’ll settle for a roadtrip, just fill up the tank and keep driving somewhere… anywhere. I mainly want to do a cross-Canada roadtrip but would love traveling Stateside as well. I was just chatting about this with one of my penpals from the States: Tee – I’m hoping to meet her sometime soon, she’s a lovely lady! It would be amazing if we could just teleport to each other and meet, but planning the trip and such makes it all the more fun! Here’s to Summer 2013 – may it be full of smiles and sunshine!

My Bounty from Arizona! | The BIG Reveal

March 5, 2013

Hey lovelies! Now that you’ve seen what I sent in my previous post – here’s what I received! Fab partnered Michelle (seaweedkisses) with me – and I absolutely love everything she sent! Funny thing is, I came across her instagram while she was gathering things for me and loved her photos so naturally I started following her. Unnbeknownst to me – I would be receiving her parcel in the next couple days! I’m not a picky person when it comes to gifts – I love everything I receive. But it’s extra special when a lot of thought was put into it, and it’s clear that that is just what she did! Before I get carried away – here are the photos! First, we’ll begin with the girl herself. I hope you enjoy seeing everything as much as I enjoyed opening it! ;) This was way too much fun – can’t wait for the next one!

Michelle has a lovely blog by the name of Seaweed Kisses – definitely make sure to check out her post, and follow her too. She resides in Arizona where the cactus’s are plentiful and the cowboys are rootin’ and tootin’!! Hmm well, maybe not – but she did send me both of those. I guess I’m going to have to go there myself to see what it’s like.  Road trip with Papa C?! I think so.

As soon as you get over the shock that I got a cactus in the mail, we’ll continue… Major snail-mail bragging rights right there!! I’ve been telling so many people I got it in the mail, haha. Definitely one of the most unique things ever sent to me. What else did I get? Well look below!



What we had to do for “The City Explorers Kit” was to take a day off and collect little things of our city for our partner. The prompts Fab included were; maps, flowers & leaves, postcards, tiny souvenirs, photos, interesting newspaper’s clippings & pamphlets, etc. Michelle sent 2 Arizona postcards, dried wild flowers, a clay coin, a magazine clipping and a beautifully handmade (DREAM-CATCHER!!) card – I love those things! I’ve had the one in my photo since I was a little girl. I think I might make one!


The next one she choose to do was: “Something Shiny!” When signing up for the swap Fab asked for our preferences – I mentioned I have a small coin collection and wouldn’t mind receiving some foreign coins. This one is from Korea!

For the third and forth part of the swap, she choose: “The Bad Day Survival Kit” (two lovely cups of tea and an inspiring card full of fortunes!) & “Something you can Wear” (the most darling and oh so crafty earrings!) Since I’m such a postal freak, I really enjoyed ‘The Postal Freak’s Kit” (shown below) Michelle filled mine up with various vintage ephemera, handmade goodies, washi tape, and a magazine clipping! Somehow she found out about my Audrey Hepburn obsession. ;)


Lastly she took her favourite restaurant’s menu and checked off all her favourite orders! Then she tied a couple tags together as a mini fact and “where to find her” booklet. She’s certainly one creative lady! It was her first swap (as well as mine!) How do you think we did? I’m quite proud of us. :) (Oh! I also enjoyed her letter shown below, can’t wait to start our penpal-ship!)


I Wrecked Fab’s Fab Swap! | The BIG Reveal

March 5, 2013

PicMonkey Collage

If you’re a snail-mailer you may get the reference in the title. ;) (If not refer to the photo above – or keep reading!) WreckThisGirl; aka Fab – hosted a lovely swap called: The “Secret Penpal Scavenger Hunt!” I’ve been an avid reader of hers ever since I came across her blog last year. I fell in love. I immediately followed her on instagram as well – just because I like seeing how other bloggers/artists/etc speak through photos. This girl is so inspiring. Once she announced the swap – I almost didn’t join because I felt I wouldn’t meet the “active blog” requirement. It also would have been my first swap, so I was feeling a bit shy. Silly me! I pulled my big girl socks up and sent Fab an email, asking if I could join her swap – she said yes!I I immediately signed up and patiently awaited an email from her with more details. Who’s my lovely partner you ask? Well, look below!


After I received the official email, I began searching for lil goodies I could surprise my potential penpal with. Firstly, I sent Fab a somewhat silly email, asking if she could give me my partners instagram/tumblr usernames so I could do some detective work. I wanted to make the swap more personal and make sure that my partner would actually love everything. It’s the worst feeling when you’re so excited for something and you get a little bit let down. After that, I scoured her tumblr for her interests and quirks. Then I came up with my handmade & found goodies for the swap – photos shown below! Enjoy! (I hope she enjoys everything – fingers crossed!)


// The Details: Out of the 10 prompts I choose these 5: “The City Explorer’s Kit” (2 postcards, a brochure of my fave stores, and a leaf!) “Something that represents You” (all handmade – a magnet, bookmark, postcard, top 5 quirks, and a list of where to find me!) “The Postal Freak’s Kit” (Postal Goodness!!) “The Bad Day Survival Kit” (a handmade magnet, a card, tea, and 3 lists) “Something Shiny” (a bracelet and a pin-back button!)  + an EXTRA!  (Canadian chocolates that they apparently don’t have in the States … according to Google!)

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for my next post to see what I got from my partner! ;)

I Wish You The Merriest!

December 25, 2012

SURPRISE it’s me – Natalie Brooke!! Shocking, eh? Life caught up on me once again, and I sort of drifted from the blogging world, all “MIA” and everything. So I decided to pop in and wish you all the Merriest of Christmases! I can’t believe it’s the Holiday season already!!  It’s my favourite time of the year. I always start preparing in early October – Yes, I’m the girl who puts up her tree before/or right after Halloween. Am I the only crazy one?! (I know my twin does this too, but hey, she’s my twin!!)

I feel I must apologize for not sharing my Christmas spirit with you guys this year (via gift guides, photos, little stories and other things!) or updating you on my life. So here’s a quick re-cap; I’ve had my ups and downs since we last “talked”. Once the weather changes I tend to get uninspired/motivated in the creative department – which is annoying since I LOVE creating art and want to improve. So this in turn makes me feel upset and I get even more lazy! Well, I know how to fix it!! I’ve bought/been gifted (PS: Thanks Chris!!) some great artsy-fartsy books that seem to be very helpful and inspiring. I’ll be reviewing them after the holidays! I plan to draw/paint/illustrate/etc something every week and then every day! Wish me luck?? What are your resolutions/goals for 2013?


Inspiration | Without Eraser!

September 16, 2012

Featured Artist ~ Marielle

September 14, 2012

I’ve been lovin‘ finding new artsy friends lately and one of them is a lovely lady who I’m doing an art swap with. We found each other through blogging and I adored her work as soon as I saw it. I immediately asked if she could draw a portrait of me, and that she did!  Marielle’s artwork is absolutely beautiful, breathtaking, amazing, fresh, sassy, etc! She has quickly become one of my favorite artists – and yours too once you see her work for yourself!  If not then you’re silly – her work is the best! Below are a few of my favourites of hers. (including the one of me, duh!) Note: it’s incredibly hard to choose just a few favourites, so definitely go take a look at her blog! :) You won’t regret it – trust me!


//The Artist

Originally from Holland, a 3D artist by day and in her spare time she likes to get herself and surroundings dirty with ink, water colours, acrylics and tons of pencil shavings. “Miss Beretta” – her sketching blog is named after her great grandmother. When it comes to art and illustration, Marielle loves the slick & shiny hourglass figures by Shane Glines, Serge Birault and of course Andy Hickinbottom and the loose quirky styles of Scott Campbell and Quentin Blake.


Isn’t her work amazing?!


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